We know you are busy fulfilling your current job needs and the current challenging times. And that is why we have thrilled and excited about this program. We focus on giving you a face-to-face training and coaching to make your learning and understanding effective. We not only aim to create a basic foundational understanding in you but also to take you through a transformational journey to acquire the mindset to become a Honest Scrum Master.

Become an Honest Scrum Master in 10 Weeks

If you are aspiring a Scrum Master role in your job and are not sure and confident in taking up that role?

We perfectly understand you and your situation. And that is why we have designed our signature program, ‘Honest Scrum Master’ (HSM), which will help you learn, understand, manifest, and implement the mindset and skills required for being an effective Scrum Master.

Get connected with your personal trainer and coach who will help you see yourself as an Honest Scrum Master. In this signature program, master the role of the Scrum Master and learn how to bag a Scrum Master job and keep growing in it.

Joining this program will help you to:

  1. Understand the role of a Scrum Master.
  2. Know and understand the day-to-day responsibilities of a Scrum Master.
  3. Identify gaps and uncover problems in the team.
  4. Drive the team towards relentless improvement and continuous learning.
  5. Acquire key communication, facilitating, coaching, and mentoring skills necessary for the role.
  6. Able to identify and address anti-patterns and dysfunctions in the team.
  7. Acquire required leadership mindset and skills to influence & impact the team and broader organization.
  8. Prepare your resume effectively and take the interviews confidently.
  9. Get placement assistance and upskilling recommendations.
  10. Connect with other alumni and mentors and get support for the first 60 days of your job.

Who is this program for?

This Program is for 

  1. Those who are very serious about being a Scrum Master.
  2. Those who have no idea of the role but want to change their career path to become a Scrum Master.
  3. Those whose organizations are taking up agile transformation and have no clue of what agile is.
  4. For someone who bagged a job as Scrum Master or moved to this role and have no idea of what this role is about.

If you are the one looking for certifications to add weight to your resume or here to be a scrum master without seriousness, this program is not for you.



Get your detailed personality & behavior analysis report which will help you know what you are and what you want to be. This report is an impactful tool to know yourself and take up actions appropriate to make you an effective communicator. [Certificate Image in drive].


Finish the course, complete your assigned case study; pass the final examination and earn your Certification of completion.

Our promise

This program is designed by our expert coaches and practitioners who have helped many in becoming effective scrum masters. Our promise to you is that we give you a 14-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our program. Absolutely with no questions asked!