Agile Espouse is a group providing impactful training, coaching and consulting for professionals and organizations by engaging our highly experienced, certified, professional Agile Coaches and trainers

Processes and tools dominate today’s training topics and discussion. Unlike most of the sessions out in the space today, Agile Espouse emphasizes on training professionals with a soft touch of Humanity in it. After all – People are more valuable over processes and tools.



By socializing with people around us, we can understand more about them and the world. The more we know about others, the more we learn and gain knowledge.


We never really know what is happening in someone else’s life. Before we jump to conclusions, it’s essential for us to be able to take a step back, pause and show empathy.


We do what we believe in. And we believe in something only when we enjoy. It’s as simple as that. Work and Life must be enjoyed and only then we can see the good in everything and build great products.


No one in this world is selfless. We must show as much respect to others as we do to ourselves. It is a quality often mirrored well and carried on when it is truly felt from within.