Our trained and certified Agility Health professionals deliver an impactful and outcome based facilitation to measure the three metrics that matter – team health maturity; performance and alignment to business outcomes.

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Come and join our experienced and certified trainers on a learning journey for agile-lean mastery and gain the skills needed to support teams and whole organizations. Our trainers are real time experienced professionals with massive exposure and experience to the real world scenarios and situations, which makes our training just not a regular training but give you a practical exposure and knowledge of the real world industry today.

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Either you want to ‘Try Agile’ to see if it is a good fit solution for your problem or you want your ‘Agile’ approach to be scaled to multiple teams and large programs to solve larger problems and track your enterprise’s capability, our team of Transformation Agents will help you with the transformation strategy, enable transformation and help implement those strategies to transform your organization in to a lean agile enterprise.  

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Our Coaches will work on site with your Individuals, Teams, Programs, Portfolios and/or your entire Enterprise and will customize their coaching approach to meet your goals. We help understand roles and responsibilities and coach the clients in becoming a high performing team and be proficient in a short time frame so they are enabled to be self-reliant.

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If you are wondering which framework will best help achieve your company’s needs or you are unsure whether you have the right mix of skills, knowledge and understanding of how to achieve agility, predictability and visibility Agile Espouse provides the answers and practical guidiance you need to successfully implement those practices. Our consultants are knowledgeable and bring in time-tested and best practices to motivate the teams they are in and around those teams. We understand that each team, project, and organization is unique. And we know how to find the right fit, because we Espouse the Agile mindset.

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We are certified training providers in various frameworks and role based subjects. Our certified trainers have been providing the certification workshops with a transformational goal, to make the workshops impactful and beneficial to the participants. We can conduct these workshops on-site at your place, please feel free to contact us for such requirements.

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Personal Coaching

Perhaps, Sometimes not every one of us need a group. Some of us actually need a focused, personal coaching, training and mentoring. So, if you need someone to help you with your particular work context, private sessions may be the best help from our side.

We understand and see the difficulties many of us have towards fulfilling our training & coaching needs, just because of economic reasons. Well, we have tried to help you all for these reasons. Pay-as-you-go is a plan where you can make a payment before you make it to a sessions and attend the session within 2 weeks from the date of payment. Schedule your session for focused personal coaching now using this option and see how big a difference it will make in your learning path.

Each session will be of 90 minutes and we assure you a good learning benefit, helping you become agile. The initial session is focused on understanding your context: what you need and where coaching could help and where training could help. 

If you may need personal coaching, please visit our events page and enroll. You can also send an email to with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.