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Everyday, in our day to day life, we think of doing something to get an outcome which can make us better than ever. We come up with a hypothesis and then we device a clever experiment to test that hypothesis, via our acts and deeds, to see those outcomes. We then examine the results, do some analysis and make conscious decisions, whether to move further or go back to make any adjustments to that hypothesis in order to improve on somethings or some ways we acted. These are controlled, balanced experiments.

If we look at our industry, or even our own lives for that matter, we are talking and thinking the same problem over and over again – How can we get better and create outcomes which are beneficial and outstanding. We’ve always been looking for the latest silver bullet that will tell us the way we can see our desired outcomes and never looking for those researches, those controlled, balanced experiments.

Trying to identify the acts, deeds and steps based on such controlled, balanced experiments and get better and better thereon is  Agile Mindset. It is the belief in growth, it is the belief in learning.

Processes and tools are dominating today’s agile discussions and eventually the frameworks are being synonymous to agile. Agile, as we say, is not a process or a tool, it is a mindset. Agile emphasizes on the culture. While it is useful to spend time with proven tools and processes, it’s even more useful to travel to the other end of the spectrum , to do and take up experiments, even though you fail. Perhaps, many great outcomes were the results of the groups or individuals failing with such consistency that they approach a kind of perfection.  

My friends, nothing strengthens the judgement and quickens the conscience of ownership to chisel a change. Someone ought to do it, so we thought ‘Why not We?’.  Agile Espouse LLC, is that initiative from us to bring in this change.

Join us and see what a change is to espouse the learning mindset and bestow it to get happier and great.

Thank you and be happy! 


Managing Director


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